Consultant Dietitians

Initiating a low protein diet supplemented with Ketorena: The team approach

Ketorena is a medical food and should be used under the care of a qualified Health Care Practitioner. Working with both your kidney Doctor as well as a Renal Dietitian may be the best way to achieve success initiating and maintaining a low protein diet to slow the progression of CKD.

Renal Dietitians are professionally trained dietitians who specialize in the nutritional needs of people with kidney disease.

Your Kidney Doctor will monitor your lab values and overall progress while collaborating with your Renal Dietitian to make any needed alterations in diet, meal planning or Ketorena dose.

If your doctor doesn't have a consulting renal dietitian, the following dietary professionals and organizations offer low protein dietary consultation and guidance:
  • Jessianna Saville, MS, RDN, Renal Dietitian and Dietary Consultant. You can reach Jessiana and her team of consultant Renal Dietitians at
  • Jessica Prohn, MS, RD, Renal Dietitian and Dietary Consultant. You can reach Jessica at
  • Kay Head, RD, LD Renal Dietitian and Dietary Consultant. You can reach Kay at
  • Jennifer Moore, MS, RDN, Renal Dietitian and the Author of 'Plant-Fed Kidneys'. You can reach Jennifer at
  • Kristi Edwards, MS, RDN, Renal Dietitian and Co-founder of 901 Nutrition. You can reach Kristi at
  • Diana Bruen, MS, RD, Renal Dietitian and founder of Kidney Kindness Nutrition. You can reach Diana at Kidney Kindness Nutrition
  • Nicole DeMasi Malcher, MS, RD, CDE, Renal Dietitian and founder of DeMasi Nutrition. NIchole accepts Medicare and can be reached at
  • The Council on Renal Nutrition*, an organization of professional renal dietitians who work with kidney patients can be found by clicking HERE. The Council on Renal Nutrition offers both local and virtual services to kidney patients and many are able to bill your insurance.

*please note that the link to the Council on Renal nutrition is used under their permission but is not an endorsement of Ketorena, any dietary counseling needs to be determined by a patients physician and dietitian.