Live longer and slow CKD progression using a guideline supported approach: A very low protein diet + Ketorena.

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Ketorena is the #1 made in the USA, Doctor Recommended Keto-Analogue of essential amino acids.

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CKD Patients

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About Ketorena

A very low protein diet supplemented with Ketorena is designed to slow the progression of Chronic Kidney Disease, help retain kidney function, and maintain nutrition. Ketorena offers kidney patients nutrition with less kidney harmful nitrogen. Ketorena and keto-analogues have no relation to ketogenic weight loss diets.

  • 90 doses per canister. 2.1g of Keto & Amino Acids per dose.
  • 5.1 g protein per dose with proper diet. (3 tablets or 1 scoop)
  • Low nitrogen and low acid.
  • Available in powder and tablets.
  • Developed by a Kidney Doctor for people with CKD.
  • No magnesium & only 76mg of calcium per 1000mg of active ingredients.
  • Made in the USA in an FDA inspected facility.