Live longer and slow CKD progression using a guideline supported approach: A very low protein diet + Ketorena.

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Ketorena is the #1 made in the USA, Doctor Recommended Keto-Analog of essential amino acids.

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Information CKD Patients.

Protein restricted diets and ketorena, the short story

The basics of utilizing a protein restricted diet with Ketorena is that protein restriction, if done properly, can slow CKD progression, slowing CKD progression can help extend life and improve quality of life.

When protein is restricted, people are at risk for wasting, muscle loss, fatigue and an exacerbation of CKD.

Ketorena, a keto-analog, is designed to provide the needed protein for people with CKD who are on a protein restricted diet, but with less of the metabolites found in protein that can harm kidneys.

Learn more in depth information on the CKD Patients page.

Partnering with a professional dietitian is likely the most important factor in altering the course of your CKD, getting the nutrition you need, while improving your energy and quality of life.

Below are two videos introducing Jessiana Saville from the Kidney Nutrition Institute and Jennifer Moore from Plant Fed Wellness.